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    Missionary Fuzz V2


    Inspired by vintage saturated tones of early fuzz pedals, tweed amps, and abused recording consoles, the Missionary Fuzz satisfies all your needs and more. It’s versatile enough to be an amp punishing fuzz, a tweedy overdrive, or an always on preamp. While inspired by vintage tone, it boasts a modern feature set.

    The Missionary Fuzz has an onboard pickup simulator or “buffer breaker” that allows it to be placed anywhere in your chain without worrying about impedance mismatch so common in many vintage style pedals. Use the Pregain control to recreate the covetable overdrive tones of rolling down your guitar’s volume knob. The Fuzz knob adjusts the saturation of the main gain stage by controlling how much signal is fed back into the start of the gain section.

    In the quest to make the Missionary Fuzz as versatile as possible, we have added pre and post gain EQ options. The Bass knob is before the gain section allowing you to dial in how much bass enters the circuit. All the way down is perfect for mid-forward overdrive, while turning it clockwise adds huge low end saturation and fuzz. After the gain section, comes the Body control. This is a midrange filter that can go from scooped into oblivion, to totally flat.

    The Missionary Fuzz comes equipped with discrete transistors throughout for warm, crumbly texture, and rich saturation. And you won’t find any clipping diodes here, just pure transistor magic.



    Level: Controls overall output level.

    Pregain: Controls the amount of signal going into the fuzz. This comes after the pickup emulator and simulates rolling your guitar volume knob down.

    Body: Controls the mids notch in the pedal. All the way clockwise is flat, all the way counter-clockwise is scooped into oblivion.

    Fuzz: Controls the fuzz saturation. Works in tandem with Pregain control for a full range of sounds.

    Bass: Controls the amount of bass entering the circuit. This control is pre-fuzz to prevent low end blow out, and maintain articulation.

    Internal Switch: This slide switch controls whether the transformer simulates the impedance of a single coil pickup or a humbucker. Left is single coil (stock), right is humbucker. The difference is subtle, but it’s there for you to experiment with. Back cover must be removed to access this switch.


    • Standard 2.1mm center negative power only.
    • 9V DC ONLY!
    • Do not run at higher voltages.
    • Current Draw: 45mA.
    • Use an isolated pedal board power supply.

    Missionary Fuzz Manual

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    Missionary Fuzz V2 // Full Demo by @ambienttrash 

    Black Mass Electronics - Missionary Fuzz V2 by Collector//Emitter

    Black Mass Missionary Fuzz V2 Demo by Megan L.