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    Between Worlds Pickup Set (JM Size)

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    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as these are handmade and made to order.

    This set features an underwound HB sized Jazzmaster pickup in the neck position, and a punchy overwound humbucker in the bridge position. The pairing of these two pickups together allows you to take your guitar from chimy cleans to all out mid-forward assault with the flick of a switch. They even play well together in the middle position. Whether you play aggressive metal, or ambient reverb soaked post-shoe-worship, or both, this humbucker set has you covered. Available as a set or individually.

    DC Resistance:

    Neck: 5.6kΩ
    Bridge: 14.5kΩ


    Neck: 0.187" Alnico 5 rod magnets.

    Bridge: XL Alnico 5 bar.


    Neck: South

    Bridge: N/A.

    Neck polarity can be reversed if needed. Please send an email to info@blackmasselectronics.com before ordering if you need the magnet polarity reversed.


    Neck: Black/Bare Wire - Ground; White Wire - Hot

    Bridge (standard wiring): Green/Bare Wire - Ground; Black and White - solder together and heatshrink; Red wire - Hot.

    Bridge (coil splitting wiring): Red wire - Start Coil 1, Black wire - Finish Coil 1; White Wire - Start Coil 2, Green wire - Finish Coil 2; Bare wire to ground.



     Between Worlds Pickups // Full Demo by  @ambienttrash